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In its most basic form it's free My poly blogs here: This brings up an interesting question. Is there such a thing as "gay poly? Since monogamy is a decision, not a norm in gay male culture, it seems the vocabulary and need isn't the same. Originally Posted by bofish. Last edited by Ariakas; at I am more speaking of men. I don't know many gay women. I have had many many gay men in my life since teenager hood and have discussed relationships with them. I have never met a gay man who was monogamous. I've also not met a gay man who used the term poly. I also don't see any gay men here.

I am not meaning to be harsh. I think there are expectation amongst hetrosexuals that are not "the norm" in gay culture. Thread Tools. Trying to create equality is also pretty much impossible. What I suggest is that you figure out what you need from each of them individually and separately that would make you feel like your needs were being met, regardless of how they interact with each other.

Basing your self worth on a comparison of your relationship to the strength and commitment of their relationship, is understandable but also a bit illogical if you stand back and consider it from afar.

Triad Gay Personals, Triad Gay Dating Site, Triad Gay Singles | Free Online Dating

When I'm around, they are both present. The only single unit is the individual. If they are always together when you are present, perhaps that is where you can focus your energy. Would they be agreeable to spending more time with you individually? This might help you feel like they are not always a combined front when you interact with them. What is fair, is that each of the individuals express their needs and have an opportunity to consent to the relationship structure they are involved in.

Just to clarify, what about a triad doesn't allow for equality?

I'm struggling to see the differences between what's fair and what is equal in my situation. Thanks for all the feedback. It's not a condition of triads, but of relationships. They are inherently unequal arrangements where participants have different strenths, weaknesses and conditions.

I mean equality in the most literal sense. You have already identified some inequalities, namely their longstanding prior relationship with each other. But there are other inequalities such as age, preferences, income, living situation, etc etc etc. Chasing after equality in such a situation may lead to artificial compromises that don't make anyone happy.

Instead, I recommend that you accept the differences in the dynamic, and look for how your needs can be met. If you feel insecure that they live together, does that mean you want to know that you can live with them eventually? What other qualities do they have between them that you admire and would like for yourself? Can you approach them to tell them the things that you want for yourself to feel fulfilled? The bottom line is, figure out what it is you want from your own relationship with each of them individually and collaboratively come up with a road map on how to achieve that.

I just wanted to follow up with saying that my partners and I had a meeting full of large sheets of butcher paper used to map out each individual relationship and how to better develop each one individually as well as discussing how we can meet all of our needs better. Because of your generous information, we're much more successful and our happy gay triad is so full of love!

You and every other poster in this thread , have helped so much, and three loving people are happier because of it. Your feedback is such a gift.

6 Tips For Triads

Thank you for clarifying as I was struggling to understand. We definitely talk everyday about how to meet our needs and what accommodations need to happen for everyone to feel the love. All of this info will greatly help my happy homo-triad. Thank you! You want equality? Find two other single people and make a triad from the start.

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You'll be equal for all about 2 months. Expecting the equality you seem to seek from a 16 year married couple is outrageous to say the least. They have a strong committed relationship and you're new and shiny. Both statuses have their benefits and drawbacks and create their own sets of insecurities.

They may be grappling with feelings of insecurity around how hot the sex is with you and whether they are more attracted to you than each other. Meanwhile you're feeling that your relationships with them are not as deep. And how could they be? They've had years to build their relationship and you've had far less time. It's just not reasonable for you to expect parity.

Why women's rights activists want a "no" vote for Brett Kavanaugh

So I suggest you stop trying to have their relationship and instead have yours. Enjoy what you have right now. Let it grow and evolve into everything it can be, because the harder you push, the less likely you are to get what you are pushing for. My attempt to write basically the same comment ended up so saccharine I was nauseous and deleted it. Thanks for doing a better job! That's very helpful info, thank you so much! I do find myself envious of their relationship and the history they have, and that's not healthy at all in this situation and something I've been working on.

I've only dated one half of a couple, but I knew he went home to his wife. Frankly, I enjoyed my time alone and how am I supposed to bring a date home with me if he's there? I get the safety and security of an established relationship with someone I KNOW can commit to a lasting partnership.

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AND I still get to go out and flirt, stay out all night and be single. Whereas he has to be home at night for the babies.

Three-Way Relationship [Practical Folks]

I have a lot of the same questions. It doesn't come out for a couple months, but there's a book called, More Than Two, that seems very promising. I don't have experience dating only one. There are a lot of questions about how to start off a triad that I feel uneasy about. I deal with feelings of being dispensable. They tell me on a daily basis how much they love and care about me, but knowing that they have been together for 16 years and we just started our triad, if anything goes south, I know that I will be the one that leaves, and they will still be together. I know that fear is there as I'm not a member of the house yet, nor are we legally bonded whereas they already are.

Like I mentioned before, they are very flexible and accommodating and express how much they love and care for me daily, so I don't fear that it will happen, but the inequalities are there which would allow it to happen, hypothetically. Honestly, as a member of a gay pair for 10 years now, I understand your standpoint.

As far as how you can deal as a third not living with them Well, I can't speak to the situation, but we had way more intimacy when our third was around than when he wasn't. We still did our best to include him at all times, even if it meant staying overnight and getting up early, when it was what he wanted. I certainly wouldn't have wanted him to feel left out and did my best to include him at every possible opportunity.

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