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  1. What is the Difference between Polyamory and Polygamy?
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What is the Difference between Polyamory and Polygamy?

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Colombia Sees First Gay Polygamous Marriage. Sort Of.

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Oct 22, to meet online dating it is better develops you. Polygamy is illegal in the United States, although in many countries and religions having more than one spouse is not illegal. Polyamory is usually not related to a religion and is unrelated to marriage, although some polyamorous people are married or have participated in commitment ceremonies with their partners. Polyamory means having multiple loving relationships, usually, but not always sexual.

7 Things Never to Say to a Polyamorous Lesbian

Unlike polygamy, people in polyamorous relationships stress the importance of open communication and equal relationships between partners whether male or female. Usually all parties involved know about the other partners and choose to be in those relationships. People who are poly often stress the loving relationship over the sex. In fact, it is their ability to have multiple loving relationships with more than one partner which defines them.

And in many cases, people who are polyamorous stress the importance of being ethical and caring about the feelings of everyone involved. Often people who are poly only date other poly people. People have open relationships for a variety of reasons.

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  4. In the lesbian feminist community of the 70s, monogamy and marriage were sometimes seen as patriarchal constructs and being open to relationships with more than one person was viewed as counter-culture, radical and feminist. Some people find that one person can't meet all of their needs and they choose to be involved with multiple partners.